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"Tax Help" March 9, 2015

The IRS recently simplified the requirements for the handling of fixed assets, repairs, and supplies for small businesses. The new procedure enables some businesses to change their method of accounting under existing regulations on a prospective basis for the first taxable year beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2014.

This option is generally available to small business owners, including sole proprietors, with assets totaling less than $10M or with an average annual gross receipts totaling $10M or less. There are, however, some important elements to be aware of...

New Rules: Fixed Assets, Repairs, & Supplies

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Our experience and expertise supports a variety of clients, providing individual tax, business, and holistic strategic planning as well as tailored special projects such as fixed asset compliance within the tangible asset regulations or litigation support and documentation.  Every client receives knowledgeable advice, service, and results from our professional team.  We fully understand the intricacies and complexities that arise in these areas. Through our experience we have also established strong working relationships with a large network of professional specialists, which enable us to offer our clients full service tax, legal, and business assistance. Our mission is to provide every client with world class, comprehensive, and cost-effective support to help navigate today's legal, tax, and economic environment.
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At Integrated Tax Consultants, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with optimal tax, planning, and business services. From comprehensive strategic planning, to full service tax compliance, we have you covered. We represent a wide variety of clients, from individuals to small businesses to publicly traded corporations.  Approaching each unique entity with our full attention and dedication, we aim to protect your interests and exceed your expectations.

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